The ability to provide personal service starts with a full sense of partnership in tackling the business challenges on the agenda and requires a broad view of the business environment, while identifying what is needed in order to go to the next level.

Regina Ungar, financial accounting management specialist

Varied Experience

The professional route I chose led me to many stops in my professional service, starting with involvement in investment companies and various business entities, on through my position as an accountant in the largest accounting firms in Israel. Additionally, I was the first female partner with the Israeli branch of the international Deloitte accounting firm.

In retrospect, I see that all I have done in my professional career as an accountant is what today enables me to provide truly comprehensive advice to my clients.

I have experience in providing a wide range of services in the accounting world: classic auditing, advising in specific transactions, general business guidance, raising capital, and related issues. I held financial management positions, company management positions and board of directors positions, all of which provided me with general experience in business management.

A Friend of Academia

Alongside all of this, I have continued to develop academically. It is important to me to be part of the professional development of the accounting industry in Israel, so I am still have an interest the activities of professional publications.

Diversity Brings the Advantage

All these tools together constitute a huge basket of tools and services that I am able to offer my clients. If I am approached by a client who presents me with a financial, accounting and economic need, I have the ability to help him in the best way possible.

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