Company Profile

Regina Ungaris a boutique firm providing financial, accounting and economic services to companies and organizations of various sizes

The firm’s owner and manager, Ms. Regina Ungar is an accountant with over 20 years of experience in management and finance. She manages every project undertaken by the firm and brings added value through her constant personal involvement.
Her professional background, both as a practicing accountant for many years and as a lecturer in the Accounting Department at Tel Aviv University and at other academic institutions, has enabled her to accumulate significant professional experience in the financial, economic and accounting fields.

From time to time, the firm adds an outside professional team to various projects, according to the changing requirements of its clients. The members of the selected team invariably have years of acquaintance with Regina Ungarand have proved themselves consistently throughout the various collaborations with the firm.

The firm’s clients are business companies from various sectors in the Israeli economy, including investment, industry and trade companies, and professionals of all stripes, including lawyers, who occasionally require the guidance of financial experts offering a broad outlook and proven professional experience.

Regina Ungar

  • Accountant and owner of a financial-accounting-economic management services company
  • BA in Economics and Accounting, MA in Economics with a specialization in Finance, Tel Aviv University
  • Extensive experience in the capital market both as an underwriter for issues and as an issuer
  • Director with financial and accounting skills, served as member of the board of the following companies, among others: Koor Industries Ltd., Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., Itamar Medical Ltd., Yad Ben-Zvi (Jerusalem Research Institute), Scailex Corporation Ltd. (at the time, it was Partner’s parent company), Leader Capital Markets Ltd., TAT Industries Ltd., TAT Technologies Ltd., Mendelson Technical and Engineering Supply KMN (2005) Ltd., New Pharm (New) Ltd.
  • Lecturer at Tel Aviv University in Accounting Auditing and in Management Training courses
  • Author of published articles and professional literature on auditing
  • Was a member of the CFO Forum and served on the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel Committees
  • Served on an advisory committee to the Government Companies Authority on accounting principles and has been serving as a member of the Committee for the Classification of Government Companies.

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