Someone has to look seriously at the company’s goals and prudently manage the financial risks that arise along the way. That is the service I provide to my clients.

Regina Ungar, Financial Accounting Specialist


My clients are interested in receiving professional service in the financial, accounting and economic fields with intelligent risk management in changing market conditions.

The advice offered enables an objective look at the big picture in order to understand how best to reach the company’s goals, while adhering to the values and vision as defined by the company’s management.

One of the most prominent services that I provide is the performance of complex economic analysis in various specialization areas.

The services I offer provide a response to the range of issues faced by a company: including fundraising, analysis of public companies, evaluation of optimal capital structure, cost of capital, feasibility analysis of projects, calculations of present value and more, as detailed below.

  • ניהול תהליכי משבר

    Managing crisis processes in businesses

    advising companies in critical and financial processes throughout their business lives and providing comprehensive solutions.

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  • ניהול תהליכי משבר

    Financial expert services

    personal accompaniment according to the changing financial needs of the organization. And corporate finance.

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