Economic and Accounting Opinions

  • Ongoing economic work: valuations, impairment tests of goodwill value, allocation of acquisition costs, reports to the Chief Scientist and the Investment Center, economic and cash flow analyses.
  • Opinions on corporate governance.
  • Professional work for legal purposes.
  • Complex economic work: market analysis and inherent opportunities, locating a business for acquisition, analysis of post-acquisition processes for maximization and synergy.
  • Accounting and financial opinions for financial statements, arbitration procedures, business spin-off proceedings, disputes between partners, mediation procedures and other processes requiring analysis of financial statements and providing opinions.
  • Investigative auditing.
  • Performance of due diligence processes – as part of the process of acquiring companies.
  • Allocation of excess cost – PPA
  • Construction of remuneration packages – accompanying the Company’s Board of Directors in building a compensation plan that is a powerful tool for motivating managers and helps improve the Company’s performance.
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